The New Kids On The Block’s Mixtape Tour kicked off in May of this year and Boston’s most badass boyband is bringing some of their very special 80s and 90s friends along for the ride including:  Salt N PepaTiffanyDebbie Gibson and Naughty by Nature.

  1. The soundtrack of your youth will be available live! Yes, that’s right the songs you jam out to on Spotify in your car and in the shower will be front and center stage again. You can “Push It Real Good,” while you’re “Hangin’ Tough,” reliving your “Electric Youth,” getting down with “O.P.P.” and remembering what “Could’ve Been.”
  2. The New Kids On The Block only get hotter with every tour. Yeah, that’s right. Donny Wahlberg’s abs, Danny Wood’s jacked body, Joey McIntyre’s smile…Jordan and Jonathan Knight’s sexy moves. It’s like fine wine getting better with time.
  3. The New Kids On The Block have launched the #CassetteCam on this tour to capture some fan memories they haven’t gotten before. The band is encouraging concert goers to take a selfie at the show and tweet it out using #CassetteCam so the band and their publicity team can share them. It’s pretty much the ultimate selfie for true Blockheads!
  4. They’ve got new music. Of course, New Kids On The Block will be doing all their classic hits, but they also have some new tunes including the tasty pop gem “80s Baby.”
  5. You’ll likely never see this nostalgic of a line up again. While no one can actually go back in time and get their youth back, this pretty darn close to hopping in a DeLorean and achieving that.

Don’t miss New Kids On The Block at 7:30 p.m. on July 14, 2019 at BB&T Center with special guests  Salt N PepaTiffanyDebbie Gibson and Naughty by Nature. Visit to purchase tickets.

Author: Joanie Cox-Henry

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