I was recently invited to a tasting event at Della Test Kitchen at Wynwood Yard and I instantly fell in in love with this charming eatery’s open-air dining facility and 100 percent plant-based menu choices. I’m constantly on a quest to hunt down delicious, healthy cuisine for myself and my family and this vibrant dining experience is light on your waistline and your wallet. At just $11 for a regular size bowl, you can build your own creation with protein, veggies, choose your sauce and get a boost of toasted coconut, avocado, raw roots, pico del gallo, toasted almonds or pepitas. I got obsessed with the Forbidden Bowl, a blend of black coconut rice, fresh greens, tempeh, broccoli, sweet potato, raw roots, almonds and a golden sauce.

There are are also a variety of smoothies to choose from including Almond Butter Joy, Cocoa Berry Bliss and Mexican Chocolate Frappe. But no trip to Della Test Kitchen is complete without ending it on an even sweeter note. Don’t miss desserts, which include a Trailmix Bar, the open Faced Ice Cream Sandwich and my personal favorite—the Almond Butter Cup with cacao, almond butter, oats and maple syrup.

Della Test Kitchen is located at:

56 NW 29th Street

Miami, FL 33127

Hours of Operation:

Noon to 10 p.m. every day

Phone Number:


Author: Joanie Cox-Henry

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