The tall Hunter boots are a coveted fashion staple of everyone from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to Rihanna, Ashley Olsen and Cara Delevingne.  The boots typically retail for the very high price of $150. When I heard Target was launching Hunter for Target, which included a collection of affordable Hunter boots today (April 14, 2018) AND wide calf sizes, you better believe I was all over that like a hipster auctioning off body parts to snag tickets to Burning Man. I mapped out a plan this morning. I went online to first, scouted out the goods and then headed to my local Target store in Deerfield Beach, FL, which was opening at 8 a.m. There was a small crowd of men and women waiting out front for the doors to open. Once the doors opened, everyone headed to the Hunter for Target display. The Hunter for Target bum bag was the first to go. The store only received three of these items and they went immediately to Eagle-eyed shoppers who were [pun intended] prepped for the Hunter hunt.

In the middle of the shopping frenzy, an older gentleman, who had clearly been dragged to Target reluctantly this morning by his style-savvy wife, screamed out “I would not be buried in any of this crap! Are you people serious?”

He made me laugh and I have to admit, not everything in the British brand is drool-worthy but I love that Target FINALLY included boys clothing and accessories in a capsule launch, which I was happy to snag for my three and half year old son, Jack, who appreciates good fashion when he sees it. I was told this morning by a Target manager and informed on that the tall boots would not be available today.  This is what they said : “For guests eyeing the women’s tall rain boots, unfortunately they are delayed and won’t be available in stores or online when the collection launches. We apologize for any disappointment and we’ll share more information when we can. In the meantime, get ready to shop more than 300 items across this limited-edition lifestyle collection, including other styles of women’s footwear.”

Well, something incredible happened this morning. Despite store officials swearing the tall women’s boots would be nowhere to be found—there were the olive green women’s tall Hunter rainboots in SIZE 11! I ripped them off the shelf and shoved them onto my pregnant, swollen feet. They fit! I dropped them into my cart and screamed a silent victory chant in my head as a I headed to the register to pay.  And then…the unthinkable happened. The cashier scanned the boots and they were immediately confiscated from me. “We can’t sell you these. I’m so sorry. There’s a delay on when these can be released to be sold,” she said. And just like that, the Hunter rainboots in my size slipped through my fingers. They were gone as fast as they had come into my life. I purchased a short pair of rain boots for my son, the yellow backpack and went back to get a cooler as some sort of consolation prize for myself.

These are the elusive boots:( 

My dream of having a pair of Hunter rain boots is still unfulfilled. Why, Target, why, would you release a Hunter collection without the tall rain boots that the collection is known for? We want answers and we want them now. Until then, I will be dreaming of the day I can skip through the rain in these magical boots that were clearly made for walking out of my life.

Here are some snap shots of my adventure this morning at the Hunter for Target launch:

These are the treasures I walked away with:

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