His name is eponymous with 80s youth culture. I mean, what would 80s coming-of-age films really have been with out John Cusack? Cusack, now 53, appeared at Broward Center of the Performing Arts July 26 for a live screening of his 1989 cult classic, “Say Anything.” He also participated in a Q&A following the screening.

While Cusack has been touring the nation hosting similar events, the questions are unique to the audiences in each city and, as expected, South Florida did not disappoint. He was asked everything from why he wore The Clash T-shirt in “Say Anything” to more bizarre questions involving his love life.

He graciously answered everything describing himself as “Stubborn, loyal, generous and passionate” and how he can’t name his top five favorite bands of all time because every day his musical taste changes.

While he discussed what the process of writing a screenplay is like and how much he enjoyed working with the legendary Cameron Crowe, his best advice of the night came when a millennial asked him his tips on dating and how to romance a potential partner.

“Stop texting!” Cusack insisted. “If you want to keep any romance alive, you can’t text. Can yon imagine the boombox scene in ‘Say Anything’ now? They’d be holding a phone over their head instead of the boombox! It just doesn’t work.”

Lloyd Dobler would totally approve.

Cusack will continue his tour through this fall. For more information on his next stop, visit Johncusacktour.com.

Author: Joanie Cox-Henry

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