My son Jack loves Monster Jam monster trucks so much he has already amassed an impressive collection of 42 toy trucks and counting. Here he is posing with some of his collection:



We had a blast attending Monster Jam Feb. 17 while the event traveled to Marlins Park in Miami. The show ran through Feb. 18 and continues its tour of North America with a full schedule on

The “Pit Party” is always a lot of fun to attend. We attended the party this year and my son was enthralled with getting an up close look at all the trucks and even getting a chance to meet some of the drivers including Mohawk Warrior’s driver, Bryce Kenny, and Ice Cream Man’s driver¬†Roy Pridgeon. Because the “Pit Party” typically starts a few hours before the show, it can get tricky navigating the pre-event before the main event with a three-year-old. We luckily found a Walgreens and a Wendy’s near the arena to take a little break between the party and the actual monster truck show.

Once inside Monster Jam 2018, it was non-stop thrills and spills as Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, Avenger and many other beloved Monster Jam monster trucks raced around Marlins Park. If you have never been to a Monster Jam event, definitely do not forget to bring ear protection. Because Marlins Park was open, it wasn’t nearly as loud as when we saw the trucks inside the fully enclosed BB&T Center. It’s always a good idea to bring ear plugs and ear muffs. My son refused to wear the ear plugs and I brought various types of ear muffs with me. While they sell ear protection at Monster Jam, you can often find those cheaper at Walmart of Home Depot. Last time we attended the event, I bought my son a pair of Monster Jam ear muffs that resembled truck tires. He loves them so it was worth the $25 I spent to protect his ears and get him something to remember the show by.

This was the first time in three years the show had come to Miami. It’s a really great family event and something we now all look forward to going to see together. If you have never taken your littles, round up your troops and do not hesitate to check this one-of-a-kind event out.

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