Few local entertainers have added to the enrichment of the local original music scene quite like Steve Minotti. Performing on South Florida stages since 1970, Minotti continues to celebrate the very essence of what makes this area such an incubator for bold, new talent.

In an effort to continue to provide a platform for artists to share their original tunes, he has curated a handful of the top local singer/songwriters to be showcased in “Songwriter Sessions,” a Nashville in the Round style show that will feature Billy Livesay, who performed with the late, great E Streeter Clarence Clemons, JD Danner, an accomplished singer/songwriter whose sound has been dubbed “Joan Jett meets Johnny Cash” and folk rocker Eric Jude with special guest Mason Pace. The show will take place at 7:30 p.m. on June 15 at Mizner Cultural Arts Center. Tickets cost $20 per person and can be purchased by clicking here.

“The last one of these we did sold out so we’re encouraging everyone to not miss this show,” Minotti said. “We’re also encouraging other artists who want to be part of the local music scene to support this event. It’s so important that music fans and artists support other local artists.”

As the landscape of the global musical scene changed so drastically over the years, Minotti has done his best to help the scene evolve locally. “It’s a whole different ball game now,” Minotti said. “I wanted to start an event like this to give local artists a chance to share their own original songs in a listening room type of setting where it’s more like a concert. I want people to enjoy a great night of music. It’s time to put the cell phones down and have communication in a different way. Watch a show again without it being through the screen of an iPhone.”

Boca Raton-based singer songwriter JD Danner, who has performed her original music at Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe and has written extensively with world-renowned Nashville producer, Keith Ridenour, is proud to be performing at the Songwriter Sessions.

“What I enjoy most about performing in an ‘in the round’ format is it gives songwriters a chance to play their original music and share the story behind the music,” Danner said. “It also gives us the chance to play in a listening room setting so it’s a more intimate vibe with the audience.”

Danner is planning to play a song from each of her four albums. “I’ll be reaching back to ’94 when my first CD came out,” Danner said. “I’ll be performing ‘Personal Best’ and then progressing to my new material.”

Danner’s latest album, House Blend, is a mix of original music and some of her favorite covers. “With my latest album, I wanted to have fun with it and make it a body of music I wanted to hear rather than a product of what the industry was looking for,” Danner said. “As artists, it’s important to take risks and try to new things. This is a feel good album that mixes Latin rhythms and acoustic and rock vibes. It’s very different than anything else I’ve done before.”

While most local bands exclusively perform cover songs at bar shows, Danner is particularly looking forward to sharing her raw, real lyrics with the other writers in the “Songwriter Sessions.” “While there are obviously some epic covers out there that are so much fun to perform, it will be nice to be sharing our own words for a night,” Danner said. “Everyone’s got a story to tell and we tell our stories through our songs.” 

If you’re an original songwriter who is interested in being considered for a future Songwriters Session, email an EPK to info@steveminotti.com or 12stringguitar@comcast.net 

Author: Joanie Cox-Henry

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