“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice hosted a meet and greet at The Grateful Palate at Shooters Waterfront at the end of November and the glamorous mother of four had plenty to share about life after lock up, what it’s really like when the cameras aren’t rolling and why being a mother is her favorite job ever.

“I’m a mom who enjoys cooking and driving my kids to activities,” said Giudice, who had just spent the afternoon at Bal Harbour and got her makeup flawlessly done at at the Yves Saint Laurent counter at Neiman Marcus. “I also go to dinner on the weekends with my girlfriends.”

Giudice just released in December from federal prison in December of 2015 after serving 11 months for fraud. Her husband, Joe Giudice, is currently serving his 36-month sentence for the same charges at Fort Dix prison in New Jersey.

Giudice remains supportive and devoted to her husband and said she emails or speaks to her husband every day. “He only gets 300 minutes a month and it goes fast,” Giudice said. “We sometimes email each other all day long. I miss him very much but I am trying to be strong for him and the kids while we get through this.”

While serving her own prison sentence, Giudice said getting cards and letters from complete strangers on a daily basis was always a ray of sunshine gleaming into her cell. “They’d have mail call and I was always amazed to get letters from total strangers,” Giudice said. “Life is really crazy and it touched my heart that people took time out of their busy lives to write me these letters. I’ll save them forever.”

Giudice also penned a book Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again, about her experience behind bars.

“I started writing the book while I was in what I called ‘camp,’” Giudice said. “I had to call it ‘camp’ because jail just sounds so horrible. I was with very smart women while I was in there. Some where bankers, doctors—some even went to Harvard. I made a lot of friends while I was in there.”

Now that she is out of prison and her husband is in serving his sentence, Giudice is constantly conscious of how this might affect her children. “I’m sure it bothers my kids with what’s going on,” Giudice said. “I feel like the kids are affected by it. Any adult can do what they have to do to move on, but with the kids, it can be more difficult. I try to show them as much love as possible and be there for them. They say when something bad happens, something good happens in its place. I hope something good comes out of this. When he comes home, it will make our marriage even stronger. I try to never think negative. That’s how you move forward.”

Part of what keeps Giudice in a positive state of mind is doing yoga and avoiding negative social media. “It’s easy to judge someone by what you see on TV,” Giudice said. “If I see a nasty comment on Twitter or Instagram, I just delete it. If you read that stuff, it can really get to you.”

But when it comes to meeting her fans, Giudice admits she will always go the extra mile. “I was at my daughter’s game the other night and I took over 100 pictures with fans,” Giudice said. “If someone recognizes me and wants to take a picture with me, I will never say no.”

While her children are also in the spotlight now due to her fame, Giudice always asks her children if they want to be featured on the show. “Milania loves the camera while Gia is older and doesn’t want to be on the show that much anymore,” Giudice.

In her limited free time, Giudice also enjoys shopping at boutiques and getting makeup from brands such as M.A.C., Sisley, Laura Mercier and Yves Saint Laurent. “My advice to all mothers out there is to be positive with your kids every day and just be the best mother you can be,” Giudice said. “Being a mother is so rewarding. Be your own role model.”

Author: Joanie Cox-Henry

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