“Waitress” is the musical that everyone needs to order. The Tony nominated musical “Waitress” opened April 11 at Broward Center for the Performing Arts and will run through April 22. Seriously, I have not had this much at a show in forever. With music by lyrical powerhouse Sara Bareilles, the show is a heartwarming tale of a girl with a big heart and even bigger dreams in small town America who gets a few curveballs thrown her way as she attempts to navigate life as she whips up decadent pies to match her mood her for the day.  Actress Desi Oakley shines in the lead role of Jenna, a sweet as pie waitress stuck in an abusive marriage with her loser husband Earl. Nick Bailey is so convincing in his role as the heartless freeloader musician Earl, there are moments during the show where it’s very hard not to want to leap on stage and knock his lights out. He’s rotten to Jenna, takes her money at the end of working a long day at Joe’s Pie Diner and does his best to crush her spirit and her dreams every chance he can. Sadly, we have all encountered a guy like Earl along the roller coaster of life. While no one has the ingredients for a perfect life, “Waitress” demonstrates you can change up the recipe to turn it into something more palatable. Jenna also gets by with a little help from her fabulous friends played by Charity Angel Dawson and Lenne Klingaman.

The production has cast two young area actresses to take on the role of Jenna’s daughter “Lulu” during the Fort Lauderdale engagement at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Autumn Rae Sanchez, 4, of Miami, and Quinn Eden Titcomb, 5, of Fort Lauderdale will alternate the role of “Lulu.” Whatever you do, do not miss “Waitress.”  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll want to eat some pie! This show would also make an outstanding early Mother’s Day gift to a special woman in your life! To purchase tickets to the show, visit Browardcenter.org


The merch stand at Waitress was outstanding AND they were selling pies in a jar over by the dessert case. Smores, apple and salted caramel were the pie choices. We tried the smores and apple and we couldn’t decide which we liked more because both were so tasty.

We ran into our amazing friends: Rod Hagwood and Gary Lodge! Check out Rod’s awesome review of the show here: Southflorida.com.

Here is some of the cute merch from the touring show:

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